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Let me tell you the story of the CryptoCactus Family, CryptoCactus is a collection of 10000 unique NFTs By BB Art Gallery on Magic Eden marketplace.

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The Roadmap



Launch Date 14 january 2022. Once upon a time on the blockchain a CryptoCactus was born from the imagination of a mad scientist, but for what reason it was created ...


Launch sale & Money management

All CryptoCactus will be sold at a fixed price, only CryptoCactus holders will be eligible for upcoming CryptoCactus collections, holders will receive airdrop and special privileges.
20% of royalties will be distributed to the holders every month in giveaway & airdrop.
30% of the royalties be reinvested in the developement & growth of the CryptoCactus project.
50% will be distributed to climate change initiative.


Mint the remaining NFTs

At the beginning due to the long process of listing only 30 to 100 CryptoCactus will be listed every week & 1 CryptoCactus will be drop every week on our twitter and instagram account.


Community management and Team

Events and promotion will be soon coming on social media by Community manager, our team continues to thrive and expand, we are learning & we learn from our mistakes.


End of the sale

A CryptoCactus Party will be organized, 50% of royalties generated by the CryptoCactus will be given to a climate change initiative.

The Team

BB / Designer Developper


Jeffy / Marketer


Durano / Discord